Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Cold War?

The following rant has been gestating in my mind for some time.  Events in the news make me even more convinced than ever of the truth of the fact the war is a racket.

Now I'm not the first to come to that conclusion, nor am I the first to use that term (Maj Gen Smedley Butler, USMC wrote a book by that title 81 years ago).  What MG Butler discovered after fighting in the Spanish American war was that military operations were not really about winning as much as they are about profits, profits which benefit only a small, secretive group hence his use of the term "racket".

Since then, matters have only gotten worse.  By the time the F-35 comes on-line with the Air Force, Navy and Marines the program will have cost $1trillion dollars!  How can such gross mishandling continue without some kind of intervention?  Easy, Lockheed Martin insured that the components of the F-35 were dispersed over 46 states.  Even Bernie Saunders is a supporter.

But what is a weapons system without a threat?  Hence the change in US relations with Russia and China (and now even Iran).  The F-35, it is argued, is needed to maintain air superiority against an revanchist Russia.  Of course those making those claims conveniently forget it was the US that called for expansion of NATO by adding pretty much all of the former Warsaw Pact nations.

Global Research did a pretty job of analyzing all of this as well.  Don't be fooled, neither Trump nor Hillary are going to change any of this as there is simply too much money to be made.  A new Cold War is just what the doctor ordered for creating jobs in districts of those politicians needed to pass key legislation.  Regardless of who wins the White House, they will still be beholding to the military-industial complex.

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