Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More nukes

The "information age" supposedly means that we have more access to information than ever before and coupled with high-speed WiFi, gigabytes of information can be had in seconds.  Yet, our attention spans are shorter than ever.  Most of the bandwidth in the this country is spent on streaming media such as movies/shows, sports or porn.  Given that, it may not be so surprising that most Americans have already forgotten that somewhere between 50-90 nuclear warheads could fall into the hands of ISIS.

US Nukes at Turkey Airbase Risk Falling Hands Terrorists

That headlines is from Newsweek, not some blog or fringe website.  Yet despite that, many Americans don't get that nuclear war maybe more likely that it ever was during the Cold War.  The Olympics, summer concerts, the riots in Milwaukee, or the latest celebrity scandal…take your pic.

The curious thing about the situation at Incirlik is the number of times I saw the term "B61 warhead" appearing in headlines.  I hadn't really heard or thought about this weapon since before I retired from the USAF nearly 10 years ago.  So why was this weapon suddenly appearing so much in the headlines?  I'm still working through that answer but in doing my research, I came across this headline...

US moves closer to production of 'smart' precision-guided nuke

Now the B61 should take on an even more significant spot in our national psyche as we continue to hold our noses over who we will vote for in the next election.  I've hear many critics point out that Trump's narcism makes him unstable and unpredictable, someone who should NOT have the ability to launch nuclear weapons.  Yet if you really get into the article, a precision guided nuclear weapon would be as equally tempting, if not more so, for Hillary.  She could easily justify the "greater good" of taking out a perceived threat with a surgical nuclei strike.

To complicate matters further, now Russia has not only based bombers in Iran but is using those to attack targets in Syria.

Syrian Conflict:  Russian bombers use Iran base for air strikes

While that means Syria is no longer enjoying a warm relationship with Russia, it also means that Hillary favorite for, Iran, now has mother Russia protecting its nuclear program.  Ah, and you thought those "smart" precision guide nukes were just for show!

Remember that the US military has been at war going on 15 years.  Troops are tired, equipment is worn out and needs to be replaced yet there is no money to do it so if the US were to get into some type of conflict with a nuclear power, smart precision guided nuclear weapons may become much palatable to use.

On and by the way, don't expect to be told the truth.  During the first Gulf War, a fuel-air-explosive was dropped on Iraq.  The explosion was so powerful the Russians swore the US had dropped a tactical nuclear weapon.  We hadn't but imagine in today's world…Hillary or Trump could easily claim that the explosion was due to some new conventional weapon and not a nuclear one.  And the media would play along.

So as Black Lives Matter scares black people of cops, and white people of black people, just remember…a nuclear war may just put all of those issues to rest.

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