Friday, February 12, 2016


According to Wikipedia, deception is "the act of propagating beliefs in things that are not true, or not the whole truth (as in half-truths, or omissions).  Deception can involve dissimulation, propaganda, and sleight of hand, as well as camouflage or concealment".  We have been seeing a lot of deception lately passing for the truth.

For example, the Iowa Caucus is the first major electoral event in the Presidential nomination process.  Somehow or other, one of the least racially diverse states in the Union (92.1% white, 3.4% African-American.  Source, US Census) speaks for the rest of the country regarding who should be Republican and Democrat candidates.  Then after all of the media coverage and campaign funds that were spent, it came down to a coin-toss for the Democrats?

Or how we now are still supposed to believe the Super Bowl is really about football.  The NFL and media need two weeks to build up to the game and to sell all of the commercial spots.  The general public gets mad when they learn how much some of the star players make yet no one even bats an eye about where all of the money from all of those commercial spots really go.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, both whites and blacks are all being deceived by Beyonce.  To the whites who believe her performance was somehow racist, black pride does not mean anti-white.  Nor was her performance anti-cop, it was calling attention to an issue very important to the African-American community that sees cops shooting more blacks than other races (true or not, that is the perception).

However, to blacks please stop seeing Beyonce as having done anything significant.  She merely exploited a major issue and memories of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers to deceived folks into thinking she was doing something more than getting ratings.  Beyonce and Jay Z are business people first and foremost…her performance was designed to do two things; sell more albums to her audience and create as much press as possible by being controversial, nothing more.  And now 5 days past her performance, I would say she has been quite successful but still hasn't done a damn thing about the real issue.

Think about that for a minute, if Beyonce was really all that concerned why didn't we hear anything from her before the Super Bowl?  Follow the money people.

While we are on about following the money, all you have to do to expose Hillary is follow the money.  Forget Benghazi, I seriously doubt Mr. Obama is going to let the Attorney General and DOJ go after her (if nothing else, it would expose more of his deceptions).  But hats off to Bernie Sanders, he raised the bullshit flag over her speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and this time it's sticking (something the Republicans haven't figured how to do).  She may still get the nomination but it is given it was back in August.

Another deception that Hillary and Bill have perpetrated is how much they are for African-Americans unless of course you go back an understand what the Crime Bill he passed has actually done.  Michelle Alexander  exposes this and other deceptions that Hillary would have black people believe.

There is the Ted Cruz deception of pretending to be an everyman who just happened to graduate from Princeton and Harvard.  Marco Rubio deception of being nothing more than a collection of talking points was exposed.

Mr. Obama's appeasement and capitulation on Iran to make us all safer has been exposed as a deception  for now North Korea is acting up looking for the same compensations that Tehran received.  Yet propaganda will portray North Korea as a threat which will mean more military spending.

The new Pentagon budget is full of deceptions showing that the acquisition of new weapon systems is more important than actual combat capability.  This deception may be furthered exposed if announced joint naval exercise between the US and India in the dispute China Seas end-up in some type of event.

Hell even Bill Maher is exposing the deceptions such as why no one mentions that Saudi Arabia didn't take in Syrian refugees or that why yes, if you allow a large number of Muslim refugees into your country some percentage will end-up radicalized.

So the next time you feel like condemning or congratulating your favorite politician, athlete or entertainer ask yourself what deception are they perpetrating.

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