Saturday, October 17, 2015

50 tons of ammunition

Just days after Mr. Obama announces that troops would be staying in Afghanistan, contrary to his campaign promise to bring all of the troops home, now CNN is reporting the US has sent 50 tons of ammunition to Syrian rebels.  Point of order Mr. Obama, what's the difference between ISIS and other Syrian rebels?  Lately the ability of your staff to be able to know the difference between rebels and terrorists is extremely situation-dependent (See Boko Haram).

Also the vast quantity seems suspect given the success of Russian air strikes against ISIS supply depots in just 24 hours compared to the 365 days of US led airstrikes.  While we are on the subject of airstrikes, isn't it just a bit hypocritical to have led ELEVEN other nations into conducting airstrikes yet protest and feign shock when Russia finally joins in…especially after your own Secretary of State demand their participation?

So who exactly needs all of that ammunition?

Perhaps it is just my cynicism getting the best of me but I would not be surprised to see this all end up with the US and Russia in a regional conflict in Syria as opposed to Ukraine.  Failing to entice Mr. Putin, there is also the US Navy led reindeer games going on with China (oh and at the cost of the US not having a carrier group in the Persian Gulf).

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