Thursday, September 24, 2015

Stupid shit

Stupid shit we are accepting without question;

1.  A 14 year old kid builds a "clock" that looks like a "bomb".  A society that now demands (and accepts) that teachers suspends kids for even drawing a gun, is now supposed to feel guilty for condemning this kid, all because he also happens to be Muslim.  I'm sorry, his religion has nothing to do with him building something that looked like a bomb yet the President has decided to invite the kid to the White House.  Huh?  Have we already forgotten this is the same shit Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris did and how that turned out?

2.  Obama pretends to be about getting rid of nuclear weapons, yet he has been spending billions on maintaining and modernizing the ones already in the US inventory.  Everyone accepts this duplicity by the President without question which is bad enough, but then no one questions his hypocrisy in pretending that Iran trying to build a nuclear weapon and is somehow more dangerous that those already in existence in the US and elsewhere.

3.  Dr. Ben Carson, in an obvious attempt to pander to GOP hardcore, professes his belief that a Muslim cannot be President.  Somehow every dipshit out there believes that a world-renowned physician (who was the first person EVER to separate conjoined twins), who has collaborated with other world-renowned physicians, would even have such a belief.  It's an obvious talking point some dumb ass fed him yet the world is in "shock".  Why?  We know the candidates are only regurgitating the talking points slapped on the teleprompter.  Get over it and for a country that has demonized an entire religion to justify two wars, isn't it just a bit hypocritical to criticize Dr. Carson?

4. The Pope comes to the US and is the first Pope to ever do so.  The Catholic faithful turned up in droves to hear the Pontiff admonish the US for not doing enough for immigrants.  A country that was built by scum from Europe and slaves from Africa (with a notable assist from Chinese slave labor in the West), and now an ever growing Hispanic population, somehow needs to do MORE for immigrants?!  The apologists are wringing their hands in shame somehow or other forgetting that the Pontiff sits in a walled city filled with vast riches (not including the Catholic cathedrals and basilica located throughout the world) that I've not heard him mention being sold to help pay for these immigrants.

5.  Looks the Pentagon is going to have another round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) in 2016.  Everyone will buy into the notion that we have to save money and closing "redundant, outdated, or unnecessary" facilities will save the Pentagon billions of dollars.  Except no one will bother to ask what exactly did the Pentagon do with all of the savings it had from the last round of BRAC (answer, the money was spent before we were even out of the first year of base closures).  In other words, its a crock.  Furthermore, BRAC is not the quantitative process that its proponents pretend.  As soon as a facility is listed on BRAC, the elected officials and community actives swing into action to try to save it.  If you have a powerful politician from the region, you may get spared.  If you get spared, the BRAC swivels to a less protected facility.  No one though will ask the right questions such as, how many bases do we really need?  What if we have to mobilize more forces?  Can any of these facilities be used in times of natural disaster?

6.  Now it comes out that the F-35 was never really meant to be an air-to-air fighter since it will use state-of-the-art munitions we've never heard of to take out enemy fighters (funny, it thought that's what the B-2 was doing).  That is why it doesn't have to outmaneuver fighters that were designed over 40 years ago according to its advocates (Pentagon).    Taxpayers continue to accept this stupid shit.

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