Monday, July 27, 2015


Mr. Obama goes to Ethiopia to much fanfare by Africans living in the Horn of Africa.  Immediately though Obama takes the opportunity as the first US president to ever visit Ethiopia to lecture them on their policies against gays.  Furthermore, his visit is viewed as tacitly approving the legitimacy of the Ethiopian government which has had a horrible history of human rights violations.

My question to Mr. Obama is why now?  You who by virtue of your birth should have made Africa your number one foreign policy goal did nothing to reach out to the continent of your father's birth until late into your second term.  Other countries are far more prosperous (Kenya) with a better human rights record yet you went to Ethiopia which has been constantly engaged in civil wars with Somalia and Eritrea.

What seems to be on Mr. Obama's mind is trying to gain a foothold after a partnership between China and Ethiopia fell through.  So Obama's trip was not so much about partnering with the land of his father as much as continuing the same crap of picking a fight with China.

And the paid political consultants and media pundits keep wonder why "The Donald" keeps gaining in the pols…..

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