Tuesday, June 2, 2015

War with China?

What if the war with Daesh (ISIS) is merely a diversion?  The question occurred to me over the last few weeks as reports of more and more executions by Daesh seem to go on without interruption despite Mr. Obama's assurances that we are not losing the war.  Saudi Arabia is dropping more ordnance than ever on Daesh forces in Yemen.  The US Navy is staunchly staring down the Iranian warships looking to created trouble off the shores of Yemen.  But it all seems to be much to do about nothing.

Mr. Obama and his staff seem to have also largely ignored an increasingly aggressive Russia that continues to send aircraft to challenge US and NATO interceptors.  It is fair to assume that Russian submarines may also be playing fast and furious with US and NATO warships.  So it seems unlikely that the "war" on ISIS  is to divert attention from US actions to reign in Russia, especially with the news recently that Russia has partnered with Iran to build another nuclear reactor.

The only place the US has not taken a back seat is with China regarding some artificial islands.  The US is increasing military overflights despite China's continued warnings to back-off.  The US position is that if China is allowed to stake a claim, it could endanger international shipping.  This claim seems far-fetched as the islands are not near international shipping lanes.  The Chinese are most likely going to use the islands to establish military bases but again, these are not in foreign countries (unlike the US).

Could Mr. Obama and his puppet-master Valerie Jarrett have decided to secretly control an expanding China through military force and use a false-flag war with ISIS to keep the media and public away from their real goal?  It would explain the quiet increase in military spending and recruitment while not increasing troop strength in the Middle East or formally denouncing Russia's aggressive air incursions.

I have wonder on this blog several times about the so called "Pivot Toward Asia"and now the Trans-Pacific Partnership that the Republican controlled Senate just rolled over for.  Mr. Obama and Valerie Jarrett may be ready to encircled China with more than just economic partners.  They may be trying to make a show-of-force to get Beijing under control.  I hope this isn't the case as China has been working on their strategy for well over 30 years while Obama/Jarrett have had a fraction of that time.  Team Obama's track record in foreign policy has been underwhelming but at least up until now, they haven't challenged a nuclear power.

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