Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mr, Kerry's failure at diplomacy

Mr. Kerry was unable to negotiate a long-term cease fire between Israel and Hamas.  It's not surprising since Netanyahu sees this opportunity to break Hamas once and for all.  The casualties he is racking up is not by accident.  It is an attempt to destroy both Hamas members as well as their support infrastructure.  Mr. Kerry truly does not seem capable of understanding what the parties involved are doing nor their motivations.

Mr. Kerry performance while conducting negotiations is more of the topic today than the ongoing war.  Israel is the latest country to bristle at the US meddling in their affairs.  Obama, Rice and Kerry all mistook the US/Israeli relationship to mean Tel Aviv would take follow orders from the White House.  Israel may be an ally of the US but it has never been its puppet.  One only needs to look at the history of Israel to see how often they've acted unilaterally without waiting for US approval.

Here are some of the things the Israeli press had to say about the Secretary of State;

Maariv columnist Ben Caspit called Kerry 'an ongoing embarrassment, with the characteristics of a snowball.'

'The further he rolls, the greater the embarrassment,' Caspit said.

Israeli TV reporter Udi Segal ran a report citing government officials who framed Kerry as 'incapable of handling the most basic matters.'--
Daily Mail

Obama has a vain streak in him that causes him to become enamored of blue-bloods with pedigrees.  His picks people from Ivy League schools thinking, as he possible does of himself, that they can master any task before them.  Unfortunately, the people he has picked tend to have that same snobby aloofness that does not get lost in translation.  Both Hillary and Kerry tend to lecture world leaders as though they are the only ones who have the intellect to understand the situation.  Unfortunately for them, almost always those they've face have intellects that were mored than a match for theirs.

The US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to prevent al Qaeda from further attacking America.  Thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis (along with thousands of Americans and allies) died as a result of those wars.  Yet Kerry tried to lecture Israel on their excessive use of force against Hamas.  The hypocrisy of this elitist attitude is a big enough hurdle to overcome but then there is Kerry's bumbling demeanor.  He just is not up to the the task and the only one who could have done worse is Biden.  Kerry has not only failed to broker a cease fire, he has shown the world that the US has no control over Israel.

US hypocrisy is on full view this week.  In addition to the ham-fisted attempt at trying reach a ceasefire, apparently for all of the anti-Russian sentiment the US has been fanning sales to Russia are actually INCREASING.  According to an article appearing on McClatchy's website, U.S. Census Bureau foreign trade data show that exports rose 17 percent from March through May _ the most recent months for which the data is available _ compared with the previous three months, before sanctions were imposed.  Wait, what?  Isn't the US hellbent on forcing Russia to withdraw its troops via economic sanctions?  Did Hillary Clinton just get done telling the European Union to stop purchasing fuel from Gazprom?  

It appears the Russians may be stockpiling good in anticipation of eventually being cut-off from US suppliers.  Of course, Russia could cut-off the US from receiving rocket motors in the future (which powers all of the US launch vehicles now).  And Russia is in a position to cut the US completely off from accessing the international space station.  

More and more it seems the Obama administration is nothing but a paper tiger.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2014/07/28/234647/us-sales-to-russia-have-only-risen.html?sp=/99/117/#storylink=cpy

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