Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Swiss Army knives are allowed

TSA has decided to allow passengers to carry small knives.  The Southwest flight attendants unions feels this is unsafe.  Of course, where was their concern prior to 9/11?  It is ridiculous that these were banned in the first place.  Worse, TSA screeners had to spend time worrying about these items instead of focusing more on behaviors.

Passengers are also no conditioned to be passive to a possible threat the way they were prior to 9/11.  The modern air traveler will not put up with anyone threatening flight crews or fellow passengers.  Terrorists today will also have to worry about air marshals shooting holes in them.  So no, the change in TSA policy isn't going to create more terrorist attacks.  It will make it a little less ridiculous for travelers.

TSA allows knives on planes, flight attendants union calls decision 'dangerous'

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