Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hillary Clinton due to step down as Secretary of State 'within days' of start of Barack Obama's second term

I was not a fan of Hilary Clinton, First Lady under her husband President Clinton. Nor was I a fan of candidate Clinton running for the Democratic nomination in 2008. I have become a fan though of Secretary of State Clinton. She has had to navigate some of the most difficult foreign policy challenges facing a modern administration. She has managed, not the President, to keep the situation in Syria from escalating into a war with Iran. She has kept Russia and China at bay while dealing with the Arab Spring. She wont' receive the status of Henry Kissinger but Hilary Clinton didn't pretty damn well as the Secretary of State. And that is my concern, she is now leaving with Syria still ripping its throat out and Ahmadinejad being smug over how much it cost to re-elect the President. As I've posted previously, Russian attack subs seem to come and go as they please in US waters. I think we are going to miss this Secretary of State.

Daily Mail

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