Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clinton: US doesn't see China as threat - Yahoo! Singapore Finance

China is on par to outpace the US economy, and by some estimates, become the world's largest economy by 2050. China recently unveiled a stealth fighter that is more affordable than anything the US is currently producing. In the past, the US military faced potential opponents armed with Soviet technology. The technology was usually a generation behind the American technology. Now the US military is still facing adversaries armed with Russian made weapon systems but increasing Chinese high-tech weapons are present as well. In the case of Iran, if the US does conduct some sort of military operation in the Persian Gulf the US Navy will be facing Chinese anti-shipping missiles from Chinese made destroyers. Iran could conceivably receive the Dong Feng 21D which has a range of over 900 miles and is designed to take out aircraft carriers. These new Chinese weapons mean a continued economic boom for China along with its energy and manufacturing sectors. Secretary Clinton may not see China as an economic threat simply because there is not much the US can do about it.

Yahoo! Singapore Finance

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