Saturday, April 23, 2011

Syria protests: Syria's security forces fire on protest marches by mourners

To the victor goes the spoils. The Syrian has over 4,100 Soviet built tanks, one of the largest air defense systems (consisting of surface to air missiles and radars) in the region, surface to surface missiles (SS 21) and around 11,000 soldiers. A coastal defense brigade supports naval forces in defending against threats from the sea. It is equipped with SS-C-1Bs and SSC-3 surface-to-surface missiles. Three surface-to-surface missile brigades are each comprised of one FROG-7 battalion, a Scud-B/C battalion and a SS-21 battalion. Syria's total inventory of SSM is estimated to include some 18 FROG-7s, 18 SS-21s, and 26 Scud Bs and Cs.

Two Syrian law makers have resigned and 107 protesters were killed in yesterday's clash. While all eyes have been focused on Libya, the unrest in Syria has exploded. Syrian has a very powerful military and it would difficult for NATO to engage with them while committing forces to Odyssey Dawn. The implications of the situation in Syria are not good for Lebanon. The Assad regime is largely blamed for the killing of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. And what will Hezbollah make of the events in Syria?


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