Monday, September 28, 2009

Merkel pledges speedy transition

BBC NEWS | Europe | Merkel pledges speedy transition

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Angela Merkel won re-election but now faces the daunting task of getting Germany out of its worst recession since WWII. The Social Democratic Party (SDP) is now out. Mrs. Merkel wants to cut taxes in hopes of stimulating jobs and the Germany economy. Germany seems to be posed to go after economic reform independent of the European Union. Perhaps this impression is wrong being based only on recent news items. However, Germany's economy has been slighted and outright destroyed by Europe before. The results ultimately set the stage for two world wars. While international attention focus on the war in Afghanistan and possible nuclear weapons in Iran, the urgency for Germany to reform its economy could lead to some radical reforms in Europe. The US view of WWII has it starting with Poland being invaded by Nazi Germany. There are Germans who hold a different view of an aggressive, ungrateful Poland expanding beyond their territory and endangering German trade routes. The latter view may resurface as Germany tries to claw its way out of recession.

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