Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is Colin Powell now having doubts about Obama?

Is Colin Powell now having doubts about Obama?

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The radio talk shows were abuzz about this the other day. According to the hosts, Powell can't be a Republican for he endorsed a Democrat and now questions that same Democrat's policies. So much for political discourse in our country. I've refrained from commenting on politics except as where it impacts homeland security or emergency management. I'm making an exception here. I am sick of the talking heads trying to fill air time over this subject. I have tremendous respect for Colin Powell, first as a the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then as the former Secretary of State. He brought brought a noble resolve to some of the hotheads he had to work with. The conservative, Republican pitchmen (and women) all want Colin Powell to be just like them. Well he isn't. He is widely respective by both blacks and whites and until last year, was widely thought to be the frontrunner to become the first black president in history.

Powell's critics are all white and as such fail to understand why he had to endorse President Obama. The election of the first black president transcended political parties and agendas. The first black president being elected was extremely important to all people of color in this nation. Not since the civil rights movement has anything of such magnitude occurred in the modern era.

Forget all of the political posturing for a moment. Forget the non-sense about "well Presdient Obama is only half black". Forget about his economic policies. Forget political dogma. The United States, a nation that enslaved black people and then segregated them from society, finally elected a black president. If you can't understand the significance of that then you can't understand why Colin Powell could not stand to look at himself if he did not endorse President Obama. Failing to support President Obama would not only have been a personal disgrace to him, it would have been a disgrace to all of his ancestors.

However, this doesn't mean that Colin Powell is blind. You don't get to be a four-star general by being naive. He knows President Obaman's shortfalls and now that he is elected, Powell is free to criticize his policies just as he would any other president.

The media, liberal and otherwise, seems to have already forgotten the significance of President Obama's election. It is now business as usual with sound byte segments and shouting pundits regurgitating the same talking points. Before you condemn Colin Powell, think about the monumental responsibility he shares both to his nation as well to black people. He didn't ask for that role, it was thrust upon him. If you are going to say well aren't we all Americans then you really don't understand what I just wrote.

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Anonymous said...

I was with you regarding Colin Powell until you went off course and stated that he HAD to endorse Obama. What you're saying is that black takes precedence over the constitution, running the country properly with experience and honesty. You're way off base and delusional! There are many more excellent black politicians than Obama. Look at where we are today. However, you're right. 95% of the blacks who voted plus (ACORN) chose the guy with dark skin color. There's nobody alive today who was a slave or a son of a slave; nor is there a slave owner alive today. Colin didn't have to endorse anyone!