Saturday, April 4, 2009

Convicted immigrant runs up expenses | Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati.Com

Convicted immigrant runs up expenses | Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati.Com

A "tighter" border is an illusion as long as the incentives remain to cross the border, we will continue to have problems with smuggling and illegal aliens.  News articles call for more action by the US, however I haven't seen any corresponding calls for Mexico to act.  The disparity between the economies on the US side of the border and Mexican side creates the incentives for people to cross.  Conversely, I don't see people trying to smuggle things into Mexico.  People who study military history will recognize borders as "static defenses".  No matter how much you shore up your defenses at a fixed point, your adversary merely goes around until the find a less secure point.  Borders can be crossed above ground, underground, over the ground (by air) and by water (to include the ocean).  We are in an economic recession that spending millions or even billions on border protection will have no impact on improving our economy or border security.

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Anonymous said...

That article is the perfect example of irresponsible journalism. Sheila McLaughlin, the author, was clearly spoon-fed by the prosecutor and failed to take the time to do any research, fact-checks, or speak to the defense attorney.
Had Ms. McLaughlin done so, she would have found out that the 'estranged girlfriend' admitted to driving the car when police arrived at the scene (it is on the police report) and she only changed her story once she realized that Mr. Delgado was in a coma and presumed brain-dead. Ms. McLaughlin would have also found out that the Judge, due to a technicality, threw out the defense's expert's crash scene report, which proved that Delgado was NOT driving the car.
Who is the real victim in this situation?
Mr. Delgado was found NOT-GUILTY by the jury on the two most serious charges, and he will live the rest of his life in a wheelchair...why is Ms. McLaughlin continuing this defamation?
It is time we stop utilizing immigrants as scapegoats for all of our country's problems.