Monday, February 16, 2009

Veterans Helping Veterans

I’ve been meaning to do a post about Operation Troop Aid for several weeks. Mark Woods and I became acquainted through the Cincy Vets group on LinkedIn. Mark created Operation Troop Aid to become the “premier care package provider” for deployed service members. Mark is a retired Navy veteran and has worked using his connections with military concert coordinators to find performers who want to entertain the troops.

I served in OPERATION DESERT STORM and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and whenever a performer came over to give concert, it was a great moral booster for everyone. I used to wonder when I was growing up what the big deal was for Bob Hope to go around doing shows for the troops until I became on of those deployed troops myself. I encourage you all to check out Mark’s website at

When I first heard about LinkedIn, I really didn’t understand what a social networking website was about. Over the past two years it has helped me connect with other veterans and technical experts in the local area that I would not have otherwise met. The Cincy Vets group is trying to have its first meeting soon to try and generate new ideas to help other veterans in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. If you are on LinkedIn and are veteran, I encourage you to join.

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