Thursday, January 1, 2009

Year of the Ox

Something about this time of year causes people to look back with melancholy at what happened or what could have been.

Chinese soothsayers are predicting the year 2009 to be more stable compared to 2008, however they also predict a long road to economic recovery. Quite a few leaders are associated with the yin energy of soil, which tends to make them more charitable and charming. "People belonging to the yin soil tend to be more charming and charitable. They love peace rather than war. They are usually the ones who contribute to science and humanity," said Raymond Lo, Hong Kong feng shui expert in an interview with the Associated Press.

However, the feng shui master said he did not expect Obama or other state leaders to be able to turn around the global economic situation in 2009 because the element of fire -- which stands for the force that motivates financial activities -- is missing for most of next year.

"It is a year for Obama to lay the foundation for his administration, rather than achieve anything.

"The financial markets will go up a little in the first couple of months but this will be short-lived. Investors are bound to be disappointed in the end," he said.

The prediction is similar to the forecasts of many financial analysts.

Damn, still not great news but better than what we’ve just gone throw.

Mak Ling-ling, a celebrity astrologist and feng shui master, said the financial markets would be very quiet next year and economic problems would be particularly acute in the west.

"Businesses will be even worse than now. Social order will be disturbed, with the number of fraud cases will rise," she said, but added that the situation would improve after next year.

Of course what are predictions but someone’s best guess about the future? We all would do well to remember to focus on what we can positively change and rejoice the health and well being of our family and friends. If you have a job, focus on your health and keeping your family safe. If you don’t have a job, look to 2009 to provide new opportunities to find one. Most reading this blog are old enough to remember the stock market failure in the late ‘80s. We survived that as most of us will the current economic depression (oops, I said it again!). People will be more on edge so keeping an awareness of your surroundings will be more important than ever. More homes will be abandoned creating the potential for more residential fires. Clinical depression and other stress related illnesses will be on the rise so keep an eye on elderly family members and friends. Most of all though, keep a positive outlook for the news is surely to get worse before it gets better.

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