Friday, September 12, 2008

Bloggers Bash 2008

Bob at put together the “Everyone’s Famous Bloggers Bash and it was really a great time! Bob and his wife Erin Marie, who runs her own blog at, did an outstanding job of rounding up all of the Cincinnati based bloggers they could find. Andrew Van Sickle, proprietor of AVS Art Gallery (, was kind enough to host the event at his gallery. Please check out his website and the really exceptional pieces of modern art on display. Members of the Know Theatre’s production of Reefer Madness ( stopped by and provided some great entertainment.

Many of the attendees, including myself, had never met each other before although we had read each other’s blog (welcome to the 21st Century). I first met Luann from, a truly creative lady who tries to find vegetarian options at local restaurants (see her current review of the Cadillac Ranch). I got to meet Dan who runs, one of the best sites for showcasing the incredible architecture of Losantiville (okay, Cincinnati to the rest of you). Debba at is putting together some awesome work for women interested in blogging, networking and all things web based. I owe Brian over at a debt since he was one of the first to link Losantiville on his website. Julie at has one of the most refreshing, down to earth takes on food. I highly recommend you check out her blog! One of the most fascinating people though has to have be Kasmira who runs things over at Given her blog’s focus and mine, I really couldn’t see what we might find in common to talk about. Let me just say, read her blog and if you don’t find her to be one of the most insightful and unique individuals ever then you are missing out. Note, she gets around 1,500 hits on her site per day!

Pictures from the bash can be found here


Kasmira said...

Hi Bob - it was nice meeting you and analyzing the Parker Flats advertising. ;)

Bob Baylor said...

It was great meeting you as well!